Why is Drip Great?

Drip isn’t just another drop in the cannabis sea. It’s a standout splash of discretion and fun! Think of it as your ticket to a premium cannabis journey, minus the usual buzz and humdrum.

Welcome to Drip

Elevate Everyday One Drop at a Time

WHAT IS DRIP? | Drip is like that splash of fun in your day. Just add a little Drip to make your journey more interesting.


At Drip, our goal is simple: to spread happiness. Our journey starts in New York, but we’re for everyone – from busy Moms to Fortune 500 CEOs. A little Drip goes a long way in making life brighter.

How Does it Work and How is it Made?

Drip’s fast-acting, micro-encapsulation ensures a top-secret and top-tier experience. It’s all about precision, a little art, and a lot of science.

Using Drip: A How-to Guide

Experience the magic of Drip, our rapid-absorption THC beverage enhancer that elevates your daily drinks with delicious flavor and unique sensations. It’s simple to use: Begin by selecting your preferred Drip flavor and effect – we offer a diverse range, from Berry Pomegranate to Lemon Lime, and even blends with CBD, CBG, or CBN. Next, just unscrew the cap and position the Drip bottle over your cup. Gently squeeze the bottle to reach your desired dose. To get started, consider using two milligrams, which equals twenty drips. Remember, ten drips equal one milligram, but individual responses to THC can vary, so feel free to customize your dosage for the perfect experience. Now, it’s time to indulge! Take a stirring utensil and gently swirl your beverage to blend in the Drip. Finally, take that first sip and relish the immediate burst of flavor and the fast onset of good vibes. Don’t wait – explore the world of Drip today!

Where Can I Get It?

Drip is available in New York. Ask your local dispensary or check our store locator for the nearest spot.



Burst of energy.


A burst of zest.


Perfect for bedtime.


A natural mood elevator.


The ultimate party companion.


Classic Unflavored.


Tropical delight.

How to Use Drip

Elevate your life, one drop at a time with Drip!

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